On January 29th, our worship services time are 8:15AM and 11:00AM.
Sunday School classes will meet at 9:45AM.
Click HERE for the 11:00AM Livestream services.

Paramount Life Groups (PLGs)


You must be a member in good standing of Paramount Baptist Church to facilitate or host.

It is the responsibility of the whole church to share in the mission of making disciples.

1. Sunday School is the front door of discipleship ministry at Paramount Baptist Church.

2. Foundations is our foundational discipleship process by which new believers and new members are grounded in the Christian faith and connected to the Paramount family.

3. Paramount Life Groups continue to build on that foundation with a focus on making disciples by building healthy Christian relationships based on the application of biblical truth in everyday life. (starting January 2020)

4. Our discipleship ministries growth depends on God’s blessing and our collective efforts in:

**Every member inviting (invite lost people and allow them to bring others; don’t separate discipleship from evangelism, they are joined together, and what God has joined together…)

**Every disciple growing

**Every group multiplying

**Every leader training

Each gathering will be about 90 minutes. The first 1/3 (30 minutes) is spent in a time of fellowship with each other, the second 1/3 (30 minutes) is spent engaged in the lesson, the final 1/3 (30 minutes) is spent in a time of discussion and application directly from the lesson.

Current Paramount Life Groups

We will be re-launching PLGs in the near future. 



Meeting days

Meeting Time


Den & Kara Burhans

Rod Reed

2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month


North End, Hagerstown