On January 29th, our worship services time are 8:15AM and 11:00AM.
Sunday School classes will meet at 9:45AM.
Click HERE for the 11:00AM Livestream services.

Neighborhood Blitz & Prayer Walk



What is a Neighborhood Blitz?

The goal of the Neighborhood Blitz is to visit every home within a one mile radius of the church.  Why?  Because we want to share the gospel of Jesus Christ  with our neighbors right here in Hagerstown!  After we have visited every home within a one mile radius around the church, we will move out to a two mile radius.   Teams of two or three are sent out with tracts and information about the church and its ministries.

What is a Prayer Walk?

It’s not just walking around. It’s not just praying. It’s walking through a neighborhood praying with your eyes and your heart wide open. It’s noticing signs of hope and signs of need, and how God calls you to be present to both.  Take a walk. Listen closely. Pay attention. Offer prayer. Notice what God is revealing.  Teams of two or three are sent out on prayer walks.