Our onsite, November 28th worship times are 8:15AM and 11:00AM.
Click HERE for the 11:00AM Livestream service.


G.R.O.W. is an acronym standing for God Rewards Our Work.  While the Lord is completely sovereign in salvation and no human being can save another, we realize that we have a responsibility and a role to play in His saving work.  The Lord has commissioned His church and repeatedly commands us to take the gospel to the world, beginning in our own community.  G.R.O.W. is our weekly outreach ministry designed to involve every member of the church in carrying out the Great Commission locally.  G.R.O.W. activities include prayer teams, childcare for attendees, letter and post card writing, phone calls, and home visits. When we work, God works, and lives are changed for eternity!


July 19th at 6:00PM